Cookies policy

Owing to the coming into force of the landmark modification to the “Information Society Services Law” (LSSICE) determined by Royal Decree 13/2012, it is necessary to obtain the specific consent of the user of all websites which use dispensable cookies before he browses them.

What are cookies?

Cookies and other similar technologies such as local shared objects, flash cookies or pixels are tools deployed by the Web servers to store and recover information about their visitors, as well as to provide the smooth operation of the site.

By using these devices, the Web server can remember some data about the user such as his/her preferences when viewing the pages of this server, name and password, products most of interest to him/her etc.

How are cookies used?

The data that is generated through cookies on the MONTAJES DE AUTOMOCIÓN SYSTEMAUT, S.L. Web pages can be used for different means, including the following:
For strictly necessary use: These cookies are essential for you to be able to navigate on the web page and use the different functions, such as accessing secure areas of the site, remembering articles from your shopping list, remembering at what point of ordering you are at.

Performance: Cookies compile information about how visitors use the web page, for instance, the pages that users visit more often and if they receive error messages. These cookies are used in order to improve the web page in future versions, improve user experience, improve the web page functioning reducing the time it takes for the pages you visit to load.

• Functionality: These cookies enable the web page to recall decisions you make when you access it, such as your username or the language and to offer you a better experience, guarantee a coherent look of the web page, guaranteeing security.

Targeting or publicity: These cookies are used in order to deliver the most relevant content for you and your interests.

Types of cookies we use

This Web uses both temporal session cookies and permanent ones. Session cookies only store data while the user accesses the web and permanent cookies store data in the terminal so that it can be used and accessed in more than an occasion.

Depending on the finality with which the data obtained through cookies is treated, the web can use:

Technical Cookies
These are the ones that enable the user to navigate through the web page or application and to use different options and/or services offered on it. For instance, to control data traffic and communication, identifying a session, accessing restricted access parts of the web page, recall the elements that integrate an order, to
apply for the inscription or participation in an event, use security elements during navigation and storing contents for the dissemination of videos and sound.

Personalization Cookies
These are the ones that allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics that are predefined in their terminal or that the user himself defines. For instance, the language, navigator type, the selected content design, terminal geolocation and regional configuration from which one accesses the service.

These are the ones that allow an efficient management of publicity spaces that are included in the web page or application that offers the service. The enable publicity content adequation for this to be relevant for the user and in order to avoid showing adds the user has already seen.

Statistical Analysis Cookies
These are the ones that allow the follow-up and behaviour analysis of the users on the web page. The information that is stored through this kind of cookies is used for measuring the activity of websites, applications and platforms and for elaborating navigation profiles for the users of these sites, with the purpose of introducing improvements in the service in relation of the use data of the users.

Third Party Cookies
In some web pages it is possible that third party cookies may be installed that enable the management and improvement of the offered services.

Managing cookies

From the Web Site and in compliance with current legislation, we provide you with the information that allows you to configure your browser / Internet browsers to maintain your privacy and security in relation to cookies. For this reason, we provide you with information and links to the official support sites of the main browsers so that you can decide whether or not you wish to accept the use of cookies.

You can block cookies through your browser’s configuration tools or you can configure your browser to notify you when a server wants to save a cookie.

Below you will find the links for each browser to disable cookies by following the instructions: